About Us

We Craft Beautiful & Attractive Jewellery for your special occasions

We started in 1890 and now, our name is counted among the oldest and most experienced Bangle and Designer Kada Manufacturers in India. Over the years, we have seen different styles and trends come and go, but one thing that we can say will always stay in fashion is the quality of the bangles. Keeping this mantra in mind, we always focus on quality and it is no surprise that we are counted among the most successful in the niche. Whether it is Handmade Bangles or Wedding Bangles, the expertise of our skilled employees and intricate patterns of our bangles are unmatched in the market.

Jewellery Making Process


A concept is conceived which gives a rough idea of the final product.


The idea is then drawn on a paper to refine the design from all aspects.


At this stage, the idea is transformed into a concrete reality by our skilled craftsmen.


The precision measures are taken to give an absolute shape to the jewellery.


The intricate patterns on the jewellery are carved to give it a distinct look.


At last, the piece of modern art is given an excellent finish for a flawless appearance.